domingo, 27 de enero de 2008



Don’t you ever feel like this ???

Some times when I talk with some friends about architecture, it seems to me that I look to them like this…..I appeared to them, like a weirdo.

A weirdo is a strange and unusual person, used as a slang word, an informal way or expression to describe an object or condition. Some times the term is a metaphor in the best of the cases.

Felling a weirdo is quite funny at the same time, because in terms of a slang is a certain subculture or people as musicians and members of a minority group. Maybe that is why I like Obama to be the next president of the U.S.A. But going back to architecture, this term, when it comes from a normal person, that does not know a bit of architecture but has the “courage” to talk about the theme as an expert, makes me feel like a real part of a little group that has so many ways to express in different forms that are qualified with terms as stranger, extravagant, exotic….etc., and instead of disqualified our career, its reinforce the group identity.

I have a friend, close to the fifties, that talks (or she thinks she does it!) about architecture, design, styles and all the terms involved in this profession as an "expert". It is quite weird her attitude, especially when she has the presumption to know about the theme. What a jerk! the good news is that she has become a part of a minority group of idiots that talk about something that they do not know about, but also have members all around the world, becoming a great amount of “jerk’s army”… a Latin American singer says….” un gran ejercito demasiado grande para ser vencido”.

So if you are an Architect, and for those casualties in life you are submitted to that kind of stupid chat….do not fell a weirdo….but an expert of a minority class !!!!

Have a great and “weirdo” week!!

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1000pero dijo...

well, well, well. but if it's not a fellow soul. i too feel that way sometimes --not so much a weirdo but a member a very small circle of people with a thing for space and light (yep, weirdo). I too am for Obama. We're bound to loose I guess.. nice blog, keep up the good work.

Sara C. Centeno. dijo...

Thank´s.... A THOUSAND BUT....great nick name....did you know that are 999 "numbers" following you ??? ha,ha,ha..just kidding !!
Anyway, thank you for the comments, I will try to do my best.
However I still keep my Faith on SUPER TUESDAY EVENT, next 5th of the way, this is a whole mystery....I just bought a 1000 candles to light´em up for Obama. Are you the one who sold them to me ???....great !!!

see ya !