domingo, 5 de julio de 2009

Jackson Pollock

I was always intrigued by Pollock. Since I was a student of architecture, curiosity kept me waiting with the work of this painter. There was no way to release me from him. Without wanting , and in the middle of the studyś task, I was involved in what many call painting. The truth is that I left a kind of abstract work, and I saw the need to work as Pollock did. At that time I gave him no great importance. Now everything changes.

What is the beauty of Pollock's painting? Which was what made him different, famous, or special?, and why do I relate his work with architecture ?. Pollock had something that made him different, he wanted to be a painter, was open to challenges, changes , and was not afraid of exposing his job ( Aesthetic Realism ) to a number of "masters" or specialists who said, that his paint was an expression of some as ridiculous at first, then, later, took him to the pinnacle of his career.

I made myself a Pollock paint as a task during my way in the school of architecture....nothing estrange, or extravagant, but was a release of my stress and gave me a new point o view in my life. After many years, I still remember that little paint, that sadly went to the trash.

Sometimes we are afraid of what others may say about our work. We are scared to be identified, exposed to the ridiculous, by raiding styles that are not traditional; but the worst , is that with these ideas in our minds, we contribute to buried creativity, imagination and impregnated barriers our teaching, our students are inhibited and get scared to develop new designs.

I am not against tradition, and also respect all rules about esthetic , but, do not have an encrypted mind to recibe new ideas , full of light, color, joy and why not say, filled with a dash of madness.

Still, I am intrigued by Pollock, but looking his art, made me happy because it means that any one can do whatever it wants...and whatever propose....with a touch of little madness.

One last thing, if you want to prove yourself as a painter in this style...just go to this link and enjoy !!! :

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